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Image Scan: a clear picture of the first impression

You only get one chance for a first impression. The first meeting is crucial for the company’s image and the perception of customers and suppliers. Undoubtedly, you would like to know if your company image matches the corporate identity you like to project. By sinking their teeth into the piece ‘Image Scan’, PASI design studio will get a clear picture of this first impression. The first piece is essential. This piece determines whether the cake leaves you with a taste for more. If so, then we will make sure the other five pieces appeal to your taste as well.

Three different analyses

To acquire a good taste, PASI design studio has divided the Image Scan into three bite-sized chunks or analyses:

  • Corporate identity check: Inventory and evaluation of the branding and signing of your company
  • First impression check: Evaluation of first impression and introduction based on location, building and interior
  • Online visibility check: Online visibility of website and social media. If customers cannot find you, you do not exist online

The image scan will be done with a comprehensive checklist, additional (online) business information and a conducted tour of your company. Are you interested in the Image Scan as the starting point of our collaboration? This piece of cake costs € 175. If you buy more pieces, we will deduct these costs from the total amount.

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