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Two different taste tests: taste first, then decide

Metaphors visualize the meaning of a concept or process. PASI design studio uses the metaphor of a cake for its own, unique approach, called Our Piece of Cake. This delicious cake is cut into six equal pieces. One by one, these six pieces symbolize the parts that together identify your corporate identity: image scan, branding, signing, location, interior, and online visibility. These six identifiers define your corporate image, or the image perceived by customers and suppliers. PASI design studio has developed two different taste tests to evaluate and realize the quality and completeness of your corporate identity: Taste test 1: the individual ‘Our piece of cake’ on site, or taste test 2: ‘Inspiring Ideas’, with several companies at a central, inspiring location.

Our Piece of Cake: light and creamy

Do you want to review your current corporate identity? We look forward to make an appointment at your business location for this one-on-one taste test. PASI design studio will treat you to a delicious piece of cake with coffee or tea. Indeed, for us, it is ‘our piece of cake’ to create or restyle your corporate identity. During this initial meeting, we will use a global checklist to determine which pieces of the cake are tasty for you. At the end of the meeting, we will let you know how we have evaluated your corporate identity. The light version of ‘Our piece of cake’ is free of charge.

Based on the overall evaluation and the outcome you can also opt for a more detailed taste test. The image scan is the first piece of cake, making up our point of departure. The creamy version of ‘Our piece of cake’ costs € 175. After having made the image scan, we will process the results in a comprehensive report with a well-founded final evaluation, recommendations for improvements and an action plan for restyling your corporate identity. If you buy more pieces of the cake, we will deduct these costs from the total amount. Of course, it is also possible to call in PASI design studio without using ‘Our Piece of Cake’ taste test.

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Inspiring Ideas

Are you eager to discover the uniqueness and distinctiveness of your corporate identity? Experience the power of sparring and brainstorming together. Join forces with fellow professionals. Examine and rate the quality (of the individual components) of your corporate identity, guided by PASI design studio. For this, the taste test ‘Inspiring Ideas’ is the perfect tool.

At an inspiring location, you will get one session, free of charge, with the details of the six pieces of cake that PASI design studio uses to evaluate, upgrade and realize your corporate identity. After the taste test, you will have an overview of which pieces of cake are in need of a new recipe. Do you want to know more after tasting ‘Inspiring ideas’?

Are you curious about this new recipe for the pieces of cake? If so, we welcome you to make an appointment with PASI design studio when the taste test ‘Inspiring Ideas’ has finished. It is a piece of cake for us to prepare the perfect recipe for your company.

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