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Online visibility: seek and you shall find

Imagine a confectioner baking the best cakes in the world, but not one customer knows where his bakery is. In the age of internet, this is a missed opportunity. Maybe the first five pieces of the cake are very tasteful; however, potential customers are unaware of this. Online visibility is therefore an essential flavouring for your corporate identity. Investing in the first five pieces of the cake will only pay off when you put time and energy into your online visibility, presence and communication.

Design and realize SEO-proof websites

If you want to be successful online, there are several roads that lead to Rome. The professionals of PASI design studio are more than happy to map out a route that will lead to online success. Starting point of this jointly taken route is a website or web shop which is optimized in terms of both content and technique for search engines like Google. This is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. PASI design studio focuses on the design and usability of your online business card. For the realization of SEO proof websites, we work with SEO specialists, internet marketers and web builders in our network.

Increase your traceability

To increase traceability, it is nowadays necessary to update existing content and add new content. Keywords or combinations of keywords form the basis of web pages or so-called landing pages. PASI design studio works together with specialists to develop this content. In addition, our focus extends beyond only text. We also advise on the development and posting of photos, animations or YouTube videos.

Use the power of social media

Social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest can no longer be denied in the online interaction with potential customers. In addition, blogging is a proven way to share knowledge, build authority and apply link building. Do you want to communicate via social media as a company, but you don’t have the time or creativity to impart form and content? Benefit from the social media subscription of PASI design studio. Depending on the number of required media and frequency of posting, we put together a well-organized content calendar. Subsequently, we will post the content in accordance with made arrangements and planned deadlines. The focus will be primarily on monitoring the structure. Creating content is beyond the scope of the subscription.

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