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Creative designer who is willing to go the extra mile

First listen and empathize, then act

Would you like to give your off-line and online communication and presentation a boost? Join forces with the creative designer Jacqueline Couwenberg of PASI design studio. This professional have built a good reputation in recent years with here solutions for a powerful, professional corporate identity. She place great value on intensive collaboration: with customers, suppliers and here team. This creates the best solutions with the most support. Each assignment starts with listening well and empathizing. Only afterwards, the creative translation and elaboration of concepts or plans will follow. In the design world Jacqueline have emerged as a creative designer. Off the beaten tracks, she is willing to go the extra mile.

Unique combination of creativity and decisiveness

When you get in touch with PASI design studio, you will immediately experience the involvement and engagement. Jacqueline do not only excel in inventing and designing realistic concepts, she also closely monitor the planning and coordination of the implementation. This combination of creativity and energy is highly being praised by clients. The word ‘no’ does not exist in here vocabulary. Jacqueline think in possibilities, not in limitations. Every challenge and every budget has a fitting solution. This solution fits like a bespoke suit, because each client is unique and authentic in the perception of PASI design studio.

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