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Interior: prevent a minor key first impression

If you are a professional who really likes to put the finishing touches on your corporate identity, the interior is a crucial point of interest. Decorating advice and design are important pillars of the professional service and support of PASI design studio since the very beginning. Projecting a clear identity goes beyond formulating a company’s mission or designing a logo. When a customer visits you for the first time, he automatically has certain expectations. Do these expectations correspond with his first impression? This first impression arises through a personal encounter, the design of a business card, or visiting a website. As a professional you obviously would like to answer this question with a resounding ‘Yes’.

Let interior and identity reinforce each other

Speaking of finishing touches: the image will get a boost when interior and identity reinforce each other. Besides recognition, there are more aspects that play a crucial role with the interior as eye-catcher. A warm and welcoming atmosphere can make or break an interior. Does your company need a new interior? Or do you want to see the branding reflected in the interior? PASI design studio designs and presents, with love for the profession and an enormous amount of job satisfaction, an image-defining interior. In addition, we will tune materials, objects, colours and lighting to the function and use of a room. During a presentation, you will get a clear impression of the new interior design.

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