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Location: the importance of accessibility and location

Don’t rush into decisions when choosing a business location. Many people – and therefore potential customers – are naturally guided by first impulses. The first impression of a location immediately brings up all kinds of associations. It is questionable whether these spontaneous thoughts correspond with the desired corporate identity of your company. From this perspective, the wrong location could have a negative impact on the company’s image. Do not underestimate this issue.

Does the location exceed expectations?

The experts of PASI design studio like to give you an informed opinion on your chosen location. Or evaluate a location you have in mind. The main question to be answered thereto, is: do location, appearance, maintenance condition, accessibility and parking facilities suit the customers’ expectations? Are you going to exceed these expectations with this location? Or does the location affect expectations in a negative way? Our advice includes, if necessary, areas for improvement. Sometimes a small renovation or paint job will give the desired effect. In extreme cases, we will advise you to move.

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