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A digital pat on the back

As a designer, it is very fulfilling to get appreciation for your creative efforts. Receiving recommendations means the chosen route was the right one for realization or restyling of your corporate identity. We would like to share these digital pats on the back with you. In this way, we show we are proud of our completed projects. And we provide inspiration and ideas for your intentions for a new or revised corporate identity.

"PASI design studio designs out of their heart, full of passion.

The logo and corporate identity reflect exactly who I am and what my company is about. Weekly I still receive compliments about it."

Inge Arts – Notariskantoor Inge Arts

"PASI design studio has translated our image as a professional dog behaviour experts in training very well in our brochures.

Through this, we attract the right audiences."

Claudia van der Ham – De Hondenacademie

"Due to the spontaneous and quick cooperation they achieved an excellent result. We could never have thought of these outcomes. Even after completion of the project, the ideas keep on coming.

Every time we receive visitors, they are surprised about the design of our pavilion."

Ron Kabalt – Hockeyclub Udenhout

"We couldn’t get hold of the right dynamics in our relaxation area and the offices needed to be transformed into the mind of ‘Scoot Media’.

Thanks to PASI design studio we have done it!"

Robert Hommes – Scoot Media

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